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Latest California News

Canadian meat packers Announce Return of sausage, ham shipped to California Los Angeles (CBSLA.com) – A Canadian company announced yesterday that they recall nearly 9,000 pounds of goods meats. Santa Maria Foods of Rexdale, Ontario said they recall these products – many of sausage – because … Read more about CBS

local last California Sports SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Rudy Gay scored 22 points on eight this moment Last, Isaiah Thomas added 21 points and matched his career high with 12 assists, and the Sacramento Kings beat the Boston Celtics 105-98 on Saturday night. Read more about rel = href href “nofollow” = “Http :/ / www.sandiego6 .com/story/latest-california-sports-20140223 “> San Diego 6

March California Small Farm Conference will include workshops On March 9 drought … Rohnert Park, CA – California Small Farm Conference, the premier gathering of the state’s farmers and ranchers scale, small farmers’ market managers and others involved in the small farming community, announced The row of workshops and talks her … Read more about Lake County News

Latest California News

How California tamed legislators of a dysfunctional California Legislature proved “more moderate and less polarized” than before the 2012 election, according to an analysis of voting patterns by the University of Southern California released on Monday . What’s going on? Is Sacramento really … Read more about <= "nofollow" rel href="http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/diaz/article/How-California-tamed-its-once-dysfunctional-5256895.php">San Francisco Chronicle

Bill expand the tax credit California Movie presented at the meeting According to the current plan, assigns CA $ 100 million per year for film and television productions, is entitled to a tax credit of 20% to 25% of qualified production costs. Although the stimulus slowed the export of manufacturing and … Read More of Los LA Times California drought

: Feds say farmers do not get water this year arid state memory drive distress, federal officials announced Friday that the Central Valley Project – Water delivered to a California primary – no access to San Joaquin Valley farmers water year only 50 percent … Read more about Contra Costa Times

Latest California News

California Toyota Prius buyers prefer automatic; better than the other trucks in the U.S. Toyota Prius was the best-selling vehicle in the country for the second year in a row in 2013, which California showing different taste in cars. Nationwide, Truck Ford F-Series was the best-selling vehicle for more than three … Read more rel = href href “nofollow” = “http://www.latimes.com/business/ autos / la-fi-california -cars-20,140,214, 0.6190321. Story “> Los Angeles

Times recommends California health warning labels lawmaker adding soda Sacramento – Research linking soda to obesity quotes, state lawmaker and medical experts first bill in-the-nation Thursday sweetened beverages sold in California to carry health warning labels similar to those on cigarette packets. they want … Read more about href href rel = “nofollow “=” http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-soda-warning-20140214, .7510007. Story “> Los Angeles Times

Latest California News

Amber Alert Issued girl, 13, after a car hijacking in Oakland, California 11, and the car in question is the 2001 Infiniti QX4 SUV with a red license plate number of the California 6JFM648, according to KTLA. Witnesses indicate that it was clear that the police did not know the driver and the car of a man 13 year old girl get in, and … Read more of Hollybaby

Feds Allow more fracking California beach LOS ANGELES (AP) – The federal government has approved three new fracking jobs offshore California state regulators have expressed concerns about the potential effects of the coastal environment. Job site in Santa Barbara Channel oil 1969 … Read more about San Francisco Chronicle

Latest California News

16-LB. baby born in California may be the biggest country Tagalu know her son was great, but he had no idea it was a record breaker, to learn about other children, Andrew Cervantez, made headlines in January, When parents claimed that on 15 pounds., 2 oz., he was the biggest baby ever born in California. Read more about rel = href href “nofollow” = “Http :/ / www.people.com / people/article/0,, 20784747.00. Html “> People Magazine

Missouri lawsuit seeks stop bullying California Food Rules Koster is asking the federal court to set aside California law will take effect in 2015 that requires farmers around the country to uphold the California regulations laying cages housing dimensions. Coster, … Read more rel = href href reason “nofollow” = “http://reason.com/archives / 2014/02/08/missouri-ags-lawsuit-seeks-to-halt – Calif. “> (Blog)

Latest California News

tech industry flexing California racing focused on the example of Meg Whitman, CEO of Tech spent the bulk of his fortune governor unsuccessful bid in California, Mr. Honda said: “We know that money is Not all people are understanding in this area that you need money, but … Read more about New

York Times Daly City parents say 16 pound Baby Is California largest ever Daly City parents say 16 California pound baby ever. February 5, 2014 7:39 responses. View. This birth weight of 16 pounds and 1.8 ounces Sammisano Otuhiva, making it possibly the biggest baby ever born in California. (CBS) … Read more about <= "nofollow" rel href="http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/02/05/daly-city-parents-say-16-pound-baby-is-californias-largest-ever/">CBS Local