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teach California students $ 50,000 school lesson on the Constitution

California shows 000 students in a school lesson on the Constitution of students California college in his senior year was blocked distributing copies of the Constitution gave the school civics lesson and the law won $ 50,000 settlement and agreed to examine the speech codes. Robert Van Tuinen, 26, set … Read more about Fox News

first Storm Moving Out, Round Two way to Southern California first of two back-to-back winter storms moved southern California and brought the first significant rain in months with night combat drought conditions state after the driest year on record. NBCLA Mobile App: Check the radar, please … Read more about NBC Southern California physicians

California , insurance companies deal with the reimbursement rates above parts of the country, shortage of doctors participating The new insurance exchanges California provide new views of medical providers hold higher reimbursement rates from insurance companies large., and a game of chicken … Read more about San Jose Mercury News