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16-LB. baby born in California may be the biggest country Tagalu know her son was great, but he had no idea it was a record breaker, to learn about other children, Andrew Cervantez, made headlines in January, When parents claimed that on 15 pounds., 2 oz., he was the biggest baby ever born in California. Read more about rel = href href “nofollow” = “Http :/ / / people/article/0,, 20784747.00. Html “> People Magazine

Missouri lawsuit seeks stop bullying California Food Rules Koster is asking the federal court to set aside California law will take effect in 2015 that requires farmers around the country to uphold the California regulations laying cages housing dimensions. Coster, … Read more rel = href href reason “nofollow” = “ / 2014/02/08/missouri-ags-lawsuit-seeks-to-halt – Calif. “> (Blog)