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Latest California News

California Toyota Prius buyers prefer automatic; better than the other trucks in the U.S. Toyota Prius was the best-selling vehicle in the country for the second year in a row in 2013, which California showing different taste in cars. Nationwide, Truck Ford F-Series was the best-selling vehicle for more than three … Read more rel = href href “nofollow” = “ autos / la-fi-california -cars-20,140,214, 0.6190321. Story “> Los Angeles

Times recommends California health warning labels lawmaker adding soda Sacramento – Research linking soda to obesity quotes, state lawmaker and medical experts first bill in-the-nation Thursday sweetened beverages sold in California to carry health warning labels similar to those on cigarette packets. they want … Read more about href href rel = “nofollow “=”, .7510007. Story “> Los Angeles Times

Obama puts $ 160m federal aid drought-stricken California

Obama outlines 0m federal aid to drought-stricken California Later, meeting with politicians and representatives of agriculture, labor and water interests in Firebaugh nearby, he said the state drought raises huge concerns nationwide Role of California agricultural superpower country as a whole. Read more about KTLA

Obama visited the San Joaquin Valley farmers talk about California Drought Los Angeles – President Obama swept the dusty San Joaquin Valley on Friday to discuss the shape of California history, the government has opened and Book doughs put tens of millions of federal dollars assistance to farmers and communities are struggling. Read more about San Jose Mercury News Obama visits President

California notify drought assistance President Obama traveled to California to highlight the situation of Friday and declare drought trouble million in federal assistance to farmers and others aimed directly affected by the drought. The President arrived at the Fresno Friday to announce $ 100 … Read more about <= "nofollow" rel href="">The Weather Channel

Flu deaths in California to get to 243; peak season may last

Deaths flu in California to get 243; peak season may last but the California Department of Public Health on Fridays, weekly flu deaths, as well as hospital visits and doctor in people with disease like illness, decline – Hospital happening now at levels expected to … Read more about Los LA Times comments

by President California in the form “There are three things to do farm work in California, , “said Joe,” earth, water, and people. ” And a little free time they have, Joe and Mary are working to improve the health and safety of farm workers. There are many people … Read more about The The White House

gun control California (blog) : Concealed-carry rules eased federal court San Francisco – a surprise ruling, a federal appeals court declared Thursday a constitutional restrictions in many California counties are used to limit the right of a gun concealed sharply. 2-1 ruling by the U.S. 9th circuit … Read more about San Jose Mercury News

California : running water, but can make

California : running water, but can make Workers drilling for water to farmers on February 6, 2014, near Bakersfield, California is now in the third consecutive years of unprecedented drought, California experienced a year driest on record, dating back 119 years and possibly the worst in the past .. . Read more in href = “″> rel = href “nofollow”

President Obama can make it rain California <> / b Workers drilling for water to farmers on February 6, 2014 near Bakersfield, California. Now in its third consecutive year, unprecedented drought, California is experiencing the driest year on record, dating back 119 years and the worst in … Read more about

It’s great to be a woman in California , if you are not hispanic in California, which has 33 percent of citizens of Hispanic women in the U.S., according to census data. “This suggests we may be working women shadows, “says Cho. In other words, many of the women have to work every wage rate they … Read more about <=" nofollow "rel href="">NPR (Blog)

‘Selfie’ leads Image California Burglary Arrest

Photo advantage Selfie ‘ arrest California Hacking Chula Vista, California – Authorities said this was a “selfie” gave detectives the suspect breaking into a Southern California church. Detectives UT San Diego reports ( Phone found at the crime scene in Chula Vista, where … Read more == “http rel” nofollow “href href: / /”> Sacramento

Plant California sunshine received by the author, doubts about the future Sprawling over 3,500 hectares (1,400 acres) in the Mojave Desert near the border California, Nevada, solar thermal power plant Ivanpah $ 2.2 billion more than 300,000 mirrors that reflect sunlight uncles located in the top three towers … Read more about Reuters

Latest California News

Amber Alert Issued girl, 13, after a car hijacking in Oakland, California 11, and the car in question is the 2001 Infiniti QX4 SUV with a red license plate number of the California 6JFM648, according to KTLA. Witnesses indicate that it was clear that the police did not know the driver and the car of a man 13 year old girl get in, and … Read more of Hollybaby

Feds Allow more fracking California beach LOS ANGELES (AP) – The federal government has approved three new fracking jobs offshore California state regulators have expressed concerns about the potential effects of the coastal environment. Job site in Santa Barbara Channel oil 1969 … Read more about San Francisco Chronicle

California comes related – 202 deaths where influenza, health officials reported

California comes related – 202 deaths where influenza, health officials reported on Friday, California public health officials announced that 202 residents are under the age of 65 who died after contracting the flu – more than 11 times the number of flu-related deaths reported in the country at the same time last year, the Sacramento … Read more about California Healthline

Report: rising rents hurt California affordability Lack of affordable houses, almost habitable 1 from households with very low income California, require the most prominent Southern California, a report published on Tuesday found. The foreclosure crisis uprooted many homeowners, pushing the demand and … Read more about Los LA Times

Hit California Republicans?

hit California Republicans? Have illusions Republicans is on the ropes in California and nationwide problem with choosing non-white. “It is a reflection of the party’s candidates,” he says. If there be a new kind of Republican Americans are newer and younger … Read more about Washington Post (blog)

Ministry wishes harness wind energy to Wyoming California Instead, it was feeding a new line of 750 kilometer transmission grid in California, where electricity will help California crusade against global warming, although many of Wyoming continues to rely on fuel to one major donors … Read more about rel = href href = “,0,3366359.story” “nofollow”> Los Angeles Times

Increases California Impact death count to 202

increases California flu death amount to 202 flu deaths are more than 11 times the size of California experienced last year at the same time – only 18 Death – State public health officials said on Friday. Toll is almost certain to increase, with another 41 cases reported laboratory tested … == “Http:// just waiting Read more about rel” nofollow “href href”> Sacramento

California pulls List of medical errors stricken Health Rates – Again indoor California made the move late on Thursday amid frustration increasing among consumers and physicians inaccurate information website of the country’s insurance market. Exchanges pulled its online directory of medical suppliers … Read more of Los LA Times

Latest California News

16-LB. baby born in California may be the biggest country Tagalu know her son was great, but he had no idea it was a record breaker, to learn about other children, Andrew Cervantez, made headlines in January, When parents claimed that on 15 pounds., 2 oz., he was the biggest baby ever born in California. Read more about rel = href href “nofollow” = “Http :/ / / people/article/0,, 20784747.00. Html “> People Magazine

Missouri lawsuit seeks stop bullying California Food Rules Koster is asking the federal court to set aside California law will take effect in 2015 that requires farmers around the country to uphold the California regulations laying cages housing dimensions. Coster, … Read more rel = href href reason “nofollow” = “ / 2014/02/08/missouri-ags-lawsuit-seeks-to-halt – Calif. “> (Blog)