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Flash flood warning by the Los Angeles County

Flash flood warning by the district LA Some drivers drive under water and Ventura Blvd., Bremen oak, a section of Los Angeles Friday, February 28, 2014. The first wave of powerful Pacific storm of rain and snow early Friday that spread to much of California, where vulnerable communities … Read more about NBC Southern California

California in the form of a picture shocking Illustrated in just a year later – and one day after Gov. C. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency and urged residents to conserve water – the second picture was taken, with very little snow cover, but the highest elevations of the Sierra. “ February … Read more about rel =” nofollow “href href =”″> The Weather Channel

reasons California floods forced the evacuation of at least – KCTV5 Glendora, California (Cal / KCBS / KTLA / CNN) – .. Mandatory evacuation is in place in parts of Southern California after a second powerful storm in a week hit the area flood warnings are also a number of residents without power and it is not over … Read More the KCTV Kansas City

Large storm slams California

Large storm slams California is The big story throughout California in recent months of continuous drought. However, all that changes this weekend (28 feabhra – March 2, 2014) a very strong storm pushes into the country east of the Pacific Ocean. Rainfall totals over the … Read More rel =
No. California I to be first carbon fuel pump California was
the first state in the country to limit the majority of carbon emissions, with the regulations aim to reduce by 15 percent Sleep in 2020. State auctions limited number of pollution permits that industry can use to help … Read more of Bloomberg

teach California students $ 50,000 school lesson on the Constitution

California shows 000 students in a school lesson on the Constitution of students California college in his senior year was blocked distributing copies of the Constitution gave the school civics lesson and the law won $ 50,000 settlement and agreed to examine the speech codes. Robert Van Tuinen, 26, set … Read more about Fox News

first Storm Moving Out, Round Two way to Southern California first of two back-to-back winter storms moved southern California and brought the first significant rain in months with night combat drought conditions state after the driest year on record. NBCLA Mobile App: Check the radar, please … Read more about NBC Southern California physicians

California , insurance companies deal with the reimbursement rates above parts of the country, shortage of doctors participating The new insurance exchanges California provide new views of medical providers hold higher reimbursement rates from insurance companies large., and a game of chicken … Read more about San Jose Mercury News

Affected by polio-like illness in children mysterious California

polio-like illness that affects children in California mysterious syndrome as polio is affect as many as 25 children mysterious California, leaving them paralyzed limbs and little hope of recovery. “What we see now is bad. Event is the best complete loss of one limb, the worst of four … Read more about USA Today

mystery crippling polio children virus, such as California between August 2012 and July 2013 in five sudden paralysis troubled children California: Sophia and four others made even worse – one boy lost control of all four limbs on the surface, the case looks a lot like polio and yet the last time … .. Read more about Newsweek

California Officer killed in crash remembered

California officer killed in crash remembered to attend the State Police coffins of two California Highway Patrol officers at a memorial service center Save Mart Fresno, Calif., Monday, California February 24, 2014; AP Photo / Fresno Bee, Craig Kohlruss, Lynn. Brian Law and Juan Gonzalez … Read more about San Francisco Examiner

any similar program. Businesses have tax benefit to be located in Elk Grove never had Enterprise Zone, one of the 40 economic regions struggling throughout California offering special tax credits for businesses. It was not a remodeling project, the local program designed to combat the scourge by subsidizing new also … Read more about rel = “nofollow” href href = “”> Sacramento

75000 Los Angeles students targeted as covering a huge part of …> / b> English and the parliament of the former California led the effort to create the event for a week with the California covered, the plan of the state health exchanges. Shooting campaign at a press conference in Los Angeles Trade Technical College, where assessment is that … Read more about <= "nofollow" rel href="">Los LA Daily News

See health officials warn flu measles reduction

Formal health officials see measles reduction Flu Warning Just as it seems the flu season record-breaking, California to be fading, with 278 confirmed deaths from Friday, health officials warn that the virus is contagious and often fatal even arrived – measles . Fifteen California dropped to … read more rel = href href “nofollow” = “ of 20,140,221 vaccines, 0.1730411. story “> Los Angeles Times

Canadian Food Recalls a long line of meat products sold in California U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has never officially approved eight types of salami, mortadella Santa Maria Foods Corporation and pork – all made their ways to Arizona, California and Florida, as well as a handful of units. Read more about NBC Southern California

Latest California News

Canadian meat packers Announce Return of sausage, ham shipped to California Los Angeles ( – A Canadian company announced yesterday that they recall nearly 9,000 pounds of goods meats. Santa Maria Foods of Rexdale, Ontario said they recall these products – many of sausage – because … Read more about CBS

local last California Sports SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Rudy Gay scored 22 points on eight this moment Last, Isaiah Thomas added 21 points and matched his career high with 12 assists, and the Sacramento Kings beat the Boston Celtics 105-98 on Saturday night. Read more about rel = href href “nofollow” = “Http :/ / www.sandiego6 .com/story/latest-california-sports-20140223 “> San Diego 6

March California Small Farm Conference will include workshops On March 9 drought … Rohnert Park, CA – California Small Farm Conference, the premier gathering of the state’s farmers and ranchers scale, small farmers’ market managers and others involved in the small farming community, announced The row of workshops and talks her … Read more about Lake County News

Latest California News

How California tamed legislators of a dysfunctional California Legislature proved “more moderate and less polarized” than before the 2012 election, according to an analysis of voting patterns by the University of Southern California released on Monday . What’s going on? Is Sacramento really … Read more about <= "nofollow" rel href="">San Francisco Chronicle

Bill expand the tax credit California Movie presented at the meeting According to the current plan, assigns CA $ 100 million per year for film and television productions, is entitled to a tax credit of 20% to 25% of qualified production costs. Although the stimulus slowed the export of manufacturing and … Read More of Los LA Times California drought

: Feds say farmers do not get water this year arid state memory drive distress, federal officials announced Friday that the Central Valley Project – Water delivered to a California primary – no access to San Joaquin Valley farmers water year only 50 percent … Read more about Contra Costa Times

Need California share in six countries? (Poll)

need California share in six countries? (Survey) Silicon Valley VC Tim Draper certainly think so – plan to distribute it to the State of California has gained new momentum this week after Draper received permission from Secretary of State Debra Bowen of California to begin collecting … Read more about 89.3

argument KPCC not guilty ex NFLer Darren sharp alleged rape two women alleged victim filed the complaint, shortly after the introduction told her last month was steeper in California was arrested on charges of rape, says Miami Beach police report. alleged victim filed a report Florida that “she felt she … Read more of CNN

New Shell Game: offers industry Chestnut Tree California crooks out California walnut industry for more than 8 billion dollars last year, and although you might have noticed, criminals. Thieves and more brazen stealing the crop from farmers, field workers and truck drivers, sometimes at gunpoint. “We really … Read more about Fox News

California allows caps Nats bar

California does not allow hats Bar Nats Of course it is no secret that many people who wear hats citizens for reasons other than baseball fandom. And of course, hats Nats were especially popular with the unsympathetic California. In fact, he had already written something … Read more about <= "nofollow" rel href="">Washington Post (blog)

gun control was harder California Even if you get the idea Amendment 2 gives individuals the right to bear arms – we feel that bid was rejected by the Supreme Court -. The state should be able to put reasonable limits on the right interests of public safety Read more about Los LA Times

Mother California youth referred calls ‘brain death’ OAKLAND, Calif. – The mother of California girl brain dead 13-year-old Post complications from surgery after suffering sleep apnea is speaking out a few weeks after her daughter out of the hospital. Nailah said Winkfield in … Read more about rel = “nofollow” href href = “”> Sacramento